About us

Born in September 2014 Magellan Marine quickly positioned itself among the top names in Diving and Marine supplies Including Outboard Marine Engines in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Located on Sitra Highway, Bahrain commercial and marine agencies hub.

Our vision

Being the main supplier for marine & diving products in the kingdom of Bahrain.

Our mission

To provide our customers with a one-stop marine shop for all their need ranging from Marine Supplies to the highest quality of Scuba & Free Diving gear.

Marine Supplies Division:

-       Outboard Marine Engines.

-       Inflatable Boats.

-       Custom Fiberglass Boats.

-       Kayaks & Standup paddle boards.

-       Boat and  Marine accessories.


Diving Division:


At Magellan Marine we stock a large amount of scuba, free dive, and fishing gear. Feel free to come to our stores located on Sitra Highway to get the best advice on your diving gear.

-       Mares (Official Distributer in the Kingdom of Bahrain)

    •  Mares offers a good five product lines, designed to meet the wide range of needs of water sports fans.
    • The classic Mares line, with products for all SCUBA divers, including young divers.
    • The XR - Extended Range line, designed for people who want to expand their interests to include more demanding dives.
    • The Pure Instinct line, for freediving and spearfishing fans.
    • The Aquazone line, with products designed especially for swimming and snorkeling.
    • The Diving Center line, with unique products designed with the specific needs of dive centers in mind.
    •  Finally, in 2016, Mares acquired the company rEvo, specializing in rebreathers. With this new addition, the Mares product range can truly meet the needs of anyone who loves diving and the sea.“Enjoy diving with advanced performance through superior technology”, that is our Mares motto. Everything we do aims to make dives more enjoyable using superior technology and advanced performance.

-       Salvimar

Salvimar was founded in 1962 as a processing contractor company.Thanks to solid investments in resources and product development, today, Salvimar is one of the most important manufacturer of spearfishing equipment.Following to our recent expansion, our new seat, including all the units, occupies a space of more than 4000 square meters.Ideas and innovation are Salvimar's major assets.

One more Salvimar's great assets is the capacity to follow internally the entire production process, going through all its phases:

    • Design: Starting from innovative ideas and market demands.
    • Researching the best materials, supported by our great experience in the field of mechanical and plastic processing jobs.
    • An extremely efficient Production Unit, helped by last-generation machinery and state-of-art equipment.
    • Realization of the first prototypes and their following modifications to improve performance and aesthetics.
    • Laboratory tests, followed by field texts executed by our experts and athletes: A winning synergy that allows us to make rapid modifications and obtain excellent results in a short time.
    • The production, almost exclusively internally made, thanks to our know-how, acquired through the management of all the project phases, we are able to guarantee the highest quality products.


-       Suunto

    • Suunto was born in Finland more than 80 years ago, when championship-level orienteer and keen outdoor enthusiast Tuomas Vohlonen invented the mass production method for the liquid-filled compass.
    • Since then, Suunto has been at the forefront of innovation, handcrafting premium sports watches, instruments, and dive computers that have been tested in the world’s harshest conditions. From the beginning of time, man has explored. All that has changed are the tools.
    • The word “Suunto” comes from the Finnish word meaning “direction”. Suunto is pronounced “Soon-toh”.


-       OrcaTorch

OrcaTorch was founded by a group of passionate flashlight enthusiasts and technology geeks in 2014. The founder, Carson Weng, is an outdoor enthusiast who has more than 10 years of experience in the manufacture of high-end flashlights. When he was diving in Thailand for the first time in 2013, he found that divers were using low-quality dive lights which lacked innovation and usually did not work in critical moments. He decided to use his talent in the flashlight industry and created a high-quality and innovative dive light brand and named it OrcaTorch. 


-       Leader Fins

About Leaderfins

Our production team consists of active and former fin swimmers, who have experience in fins production for more than 30 years. All our fins - for finswimming, freediving, lifesaving, spearfishing, surf, and underwater games – are professional and custom made. 

Our company is international and has manufactories in different parts of the world. We organized our work in such a way that each stage of fins producing takes place where it is the most optimum.

For our fins, we use high-quality fiberglass and hand-laminated multilayer mixture of resins and other chemicals, which are vacuum processed in special moulds. Fiberglass is the material tested for years in highly resistant fins and monofins with widely and well-known results in international competencies. Proof lies in the results: National Championships, World Championships, and World Records, which have been accomplished by athletes using Leaderfins.

We are one of the few companies who give manufactory guarantee for all products for a year. You can see us at almost all great championships. We are always open to your questions. Contact us to be the Leader!


-       Pathos

PATHOS Sub is the brainchild of Angelos Mixalopoulos which in 1996, by the love for the sea and for spearfishing, began his adventure by designing the first Pathos speargun. Since the dawn of Pathos, they have been a major player in shaping the quality and direction of spearfishing gear in the world creating unique products for every spearo in the water. From the renowned Pathos D'Angelo handles to their footpockets, they are known for quality


-       EVO1 Sub

Born of our needs as spearos, Evo1 is on a quest to fulfill free diving and spearfishing needs with top quality material, designs and services.



  •      SSI Freediving & Scuba Courses  (being registered as the first official dive center for SSI in the kingdom of Bahrain).
  •      Scuba Diving Courses
  •      Regulator Servicing.
  •      Regulators Repairs.
  •      BCD Inflater servicing.
  •      Equipment cleaning and lubrication.
  •      Dive computer battery change.
  •      Scuba tank hydro testing.
  •      Scuba tank visual inspection.